15 rustic decor ideas from Pinterest

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From Kitchen to bedroom, rustic decor pretty much fits in every corner of the house. Whether you stay in an apartment in the metro city or a bungalow in your town, you can always pick a few rustic decor ideas from Pinterest that you can easily DIY.

Who wouldn’t be charmed with wooden headboard or wooden beam light holder, weathered antiques or a trunk that is great in storage yet aesthetically beautiful. There is a lot that rustic decor can do for you.

Rustic decor will not only match your style, but will also add the farmhouse touch to your house in a jiffy. Keeping this in mind, we have curated a list of 35 ideas that may just inspire some chic in all your decor. Here you go!

P.S. Rustic Decor items are wonderful gifting options for people crazy about interior and decor. So,  gift them one of these and brighten up their house.

  1. Country Style Headboard



  1. A book ladder adds the perfect look


  1. Once used for water, this repurposed tank is great for bathroom storage


  1. Straight from the barrel. How Interesting!


  1. Don’t throw away old spoons now, turn them into antique door knobs


  1. ‘Beat’ the time now with this DIY clock


  1. Hold on player, don’t throw your old racket, I have to look into it


  1. A wheel of light, enhances the beauty of your room


  1. Add up to the country touch with this Twine wrapped handles


  1. Remodel your kitchen with this old rustic jug


  1. From city to Farm with a blink of an eye


  1. Bored of your old strainer, convert it into a fancy lamp


  1. Amp up the decor game with blue pottery


  1. A horseshoe can be of more use


  1. Let the walls do the rustic talking. The textured shimmer effect adds the needed touch. Do try Berger Silk Glamour if you want hassle free rustic effect in your decor.


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