8 funky summer décor DIYs to beat the heat

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What reminds you of summer? Tropical fields, beach, watermelon, bikinis and more – so, bring some summer home and dress up your home in colors and mood of summer by some beautiful summer décor DIYs.

PS – You do not have to be an artist to do these!

Summer bucket list

The one element that dominates summer decor – vivid colors. So, bring in these colors, revamp your home by writing down your bucket list for this season on with brightly painted candy sticks tucked in a jar.

summer DIY 1summer DIY 1bsummer DIY 1c

Shells jar

Beach finds are like treasure, when you hit the ocean during summer, don’t forget to grab some beautiful shells. Clean them and place them in a jar, added with a hint of fairy lights to put it up in your bedroom or bookshelf.

summer DIY 2

Popsicle garland

Fruity popsicles are the staples of summer. Make these dazzling and peppy popsicles of cardboard and string and hang them together to beautify your space.

summer DIY 3

Yarn balls

Dress up your room with yarn balls. Pick the brightest, tropical shades and grab some balloons. Shabbily envelope these balloons in yarns by dabbing them in glue and once they dry, burst the balloons to get a beautiful décor garland.

summer DIY 4asummer DIY 4bsummer DIY 4c

Pineapple Pot

How about a combination of some fruit and flora? Grab a pineapple, scoop out the meat and fill the shell with fresh or artificial flowers. Easy and spectacular visually, this DIY will leave your home with a sweet fragrance and beautiful décor.

summer DIY 5summer DIY 5b

Lemon-mint jars

This DIY will leave your home smelling all citrus-y and looking absolutely pretty. Get a jar, fill it with cut lemons and mint, pour some water and place a floating candle in it to make your summer evenings romantic and serene.

summer DIY 6

Lemon prints

Wrap your bed with a gorgeous bed-sheet made by you! Take a white crisp sheet, grab some lemons, cut them in two halves, dip them in colors of pink and orange and print it on the sheet. Ta-dah! You got your summer sheets.

summer DIY 7

Floral letters

Summer is all about being floral. Bring in this trend to your home too by making stand alone letters of your initials. Make this letter and instead of painting them, cover them with some artificial flowers to deck up your space.

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