Angela Jose of The Crafty Angels shares her favourite monsoon decor ideas

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On that note, we got in conversation with Angela Jose of The Crafty Angels, to learn some awesome monsoon décor ideas.

Rains we love, dampness we hate! But, that’s life and so we decide not to ruin the chai – pakora combo with the gloom or leakage that spell doom. On that note, we got in conversation with Angela Jose of The Crafty Angels, to learn some awesome monsoon decor ideas.

Mother to a three-year old, Angela is an engineer by profession. In her off time, she pursues her passion towards décor and blogging. It is from this love for home décor, that she shares her favourite monsoon decor hacks, ideas, and DIYs.

As happy as monsoons can be, leakages can single-handedly ruin it all. Do you have any DIYs or hacks to cover up the patches created by monsoon leaks? 

There is a definite beauty in Indian monsoon so hard to explain. I’m sure at least one of our best childhood memories would involve eating yummy hot pakoras made by mom, watching the pitter patter rains. As much as we love monsoons, we also have to take great care of our homes before the start of rains.

I have spent more than half of my life in the monsoon blessed state of Kerala and I can’t insist more upon the need to have a damp proof home. Of course, the basic work is done during the construction of the house itself but as it ages, we need to invest in a little waterproofing here and there to avoid all the leakages, damp walls, paint blistering, and fungus accumulation. The patched created by leaks at first are just patches that just stands out in a slightly different shade especially on the ceilings and top sides of the walls.

The only solution to cover up the ugly patches are to plug the leak altogether as they appear in unconventional places, so hard to cover up! Most of the leakages happen from the ceiling/roofing, foundation, external wall and bathrooms. There are lot of waterproofing options available in the market these days with which we can plug the leaks on our own. Make sure you do this before the start of monsoon so that you give ample time for it to dry completely.

As for the patches left from previous monsoon, you can peel off the blistered paints, slightly sand the area around the removed patch and then give a fresh coat of paint. If you don’t want to paint the entire stretch, you can try Ombre stencilling and Ombre sponge painting in the affected area alone like..





They give a much-added detail to your wall and also cover up the patchy wall.

Which colour screams monsoons for you? How do you incorporate it in your home or office? 

To be frank, green and blue are the colours that comes to my mind when I think of monsoon. Green because with just one rain you can see so much of green popping up in the otherwise deserted earth. Blue because I really wish to see the bright and happy sky rather than the grey, ready to rain sky!

Before incorporating any colour scheme in your home, office, it is essential that you make sure of the existing colours at home. You would need to neutralise that before adding any specific colour else it would end up being a riot of colours (which is pretty as well!).

I would prefer changing my curtains to a light shaded one preferably whites, to enable a lot more sunlight into the house, shift a few of the potted plants indoors to add a touch of greens. The easiest way is to change cushion covers in your living room sofa and bed covers in your bedrooms to bring in a mood shift.

Another option would be to buy durries/carpets that generally used only during winters/rainy seasons in shades that you like to have (I would go for a mix of green for sure!). A throw blanket in your favourite colour for the sofa would be a great addition for all the nights you plan to spend watching movies!

You could also create coffee table vignettes with scented candles that would not only create a striking show piece but also make a great smelling candle lit living room.

Can you share a few paint-free decor hacks, to make the house monsoon friendly? 

Rainy season can be very tricky especially with all the dampness around. One of the major problem with rainy season is the odour due to the excessive dampness in your home. Since the windy rains play a havoc when windows are left option, you are left with little options for ventilation too. A desiccant bag or moisture absorbent bag that are readily available in the market would do the trick A bag of rock salt is also supposed to serve the same purpose!

Another major issue during the monsoon season especially in a country like India where most of us dry our clothes in fresh air is that we never get ample non-rainy time to dry our washed clothes outdoors. Whenver I have to dry the clothes indoors, instead of just using the fan, which only does the job of circulating air (which might have high humidity and hence gives a foul odour to the clothes), I switch on my room heater to dry off the humidity in the air.

Please give our readers a few monsoon decor ideas 

Making a home monsoon friendly definitely needs a lot of changes. Especially when you have kids who are insistent about playing outside till the rain starts! But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your decor goals to give functionality a priority.

Your entryways need to be revamped to handle all the wet umbrellas, shoes and raincoats. Instead of keeping a plain plastic bucket at the entryway, revamp it by giving a stencil coat or fabric wrap.



For the dirt and mud from shoes, you could switch to a eco-friendlier coir mat that is functionally very effective yet camouflages all the dirt. Nowadays there are a variety of pretty coir mats in various weaved patterns that can be a great addition to your home.



Changing your window curtains to a more sheer and lighter one would do the trick for letting a little more cheerfulness into your home. Pops of colours as cushion covers/ handtowels etc can bring in a much-needed cheer in the otherwise grey and dull atmosphere.

Sitting by the window and enjoying a steaming hot cup of chai, is the best Monsoon pass time! How can people make these windows prettier with simple decor changes? 

Windows are like our eyes – your entire emotions are there right in your eyes. You said it right – a steaming cup of hot chai is the best feeling during a monsoon. The best ways to make windows prettier is to change the curtains. Go for sheer curtains and instead of going for curtains in length of your window, let it flow till the floor.



Monsoons are the days we yearn for a little sunlight and having pretty sun catchers at your window makes the little sunshine prettier than it already is.



Happy monsoon decorating.

Angela Jose is a craft hobbyist when she is off from her work. Although she loves experimenting, she loves minimalist crafts and also loves to send handmade love 🙂 She loves decorating her home with handmade and DIY stuffs which are functional yet pretty. She chronicles her crafting cum decorating life story at her blog.

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