Declutter your home with these 7 simple décor hacks

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There is always a lot of stuff – clothes, containers, books, dishes, teddies, an entire planet of apes –that needs to be adjusted, settled, and displayed in one singled crammed up cabinet. Especially if you stay in apartments of these metro cities – pigeon holes are what you get, making clutter an everyday hassle.

“Be a brutal editor of what stays in your home!”

Well, before you throw your hands in the air and begin cursing the condemnation of space crunch, you should know that there are a few things that can be done to free up the clutter.

How you may ask – just a few DIYs and organization tips, but you will have to let go off that extra baggage you have been carrying around. Not just to clear the clutter but to adapt minimalism! Minimalist décor is all the new jazz and you’re going to love it.

So, let’s get going on clearing that clutter and creating some awesome cozy places to stock all your essentials. ONLY THE ESSENTIALS.

1. The Basket


Shelves are life! But modern modular kitchen is just a synonym to constricted places, making shelves a rare dream. Hence, you create The Basket! It is the one stop spot for all your kitchen needs – keep it handy, adjust all the essentials, and wicker will just add to the aesthetics!

Settee with Storage


Storage is a way of life! Create storage everywhere possible! Storage drawers in settee will help you put away a lot of things that are important but you might not need it daily. Books, toys, old clothes, newspapers, a lot can be stored here.

Window Shelves


Most homes are blessed with at least one long window (French window of sorts) or a free wall adjoining the window – that is your storage goldmine. Set up a few shelves, add a few baskets, put away a few pretty candles or books and you’re golden.

Clothing Racks


It’s rustic, it’s handy and that’s all that matters! I understand if you can’t actually get a branch, but a bamboo would be a good idea. There is never enough space for clothes!

Horizontal Shelves


Actually, I was wrong! There is never enough space for books! Too many books come with a price to pay – lack of space! Vertical and bulky bookshelves often leave no place for walking around – horizontal bookshelves will solve that problem drastically!

The Table


Call it a work station, a study table or just a go to table for extras – keep it clean and classy. It stores all your stationery, and the aesthetics around it.

Horizontal Shelves


That’s right! If you don’t want to erect new shelves, you can always get baskets and mount them on the wall. The portable drawers on the table also make an excellent option for storing away the little things.

While you’re at it, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look at some home painting tools and redo the cute corners as you switch to minimalist décor.

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